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We provide Chiropractic services

Chiropractic care is more than adjustments or spinal manipulations. We use a variety of treatment modalities to help your body heal itself and let return you to a healthy, pain-free life.

We also will make recommendations for other health resources that may increase your health and well-being.

Our services included all types and sizes

  • Full Spine Adjusting - we adjust all areas of the spine, including the extremities
  • Gonstead Adjusting - more specific adjusting, only where neural defecits are found
  • Toggle-Recoil Adjusting - using a quick thrust with drop-piece to adjust the upper neck
  • Activator Methods - use of a small handheld instrument to lightly adjust the spine
  • Cox Flexion-Distraction - a type of chiropractic treatment designed for bulged/herniated discs
  • Thompson Drop Technique - uses a specific chiropractic table that "drops" to assist in adjusting
  • Pediatric Adjusting Methods - very light techniques used for different sized spines!
  • X-rays on the premises - purchased in 2005. High frequency x-ray. Newer means less radiation
  • Ultrasound Therapy - deep heating therapy good for chronic trouble areas
  • Muscle Stim Therapy - also known as TENs, good for acute pain and swelling
  • Trigger Point Therapy - deep tissue muscle work
  • Neck Traction Therapy - decompression for disc and arthritic problems in the neck
  • Spray and Stretch Therapy - cool spray used to stretch and cool off muscle spasms
  • Low Back Decompression/Traction - decompression for disc problems in the lower back
  • Hot/Cold Packs - ice for acute sharp pain and heat for chronic tight pain
  • Therapeutic Stretching - instructions for proper stretching to accelerate healing after an injury, and to increase flexibility and mobility to help protect from new injuries
  • Therapeutic Exercises - personalized instructions for each patient, to decrease pain and muscle deterioration while increasing strength, stability and range of motion